Are you looking to find an Architect with the technical experience as well as the artistic flair
to make your dream a reality ? With more than 10 years experience, Beverley Hui is a Cape Town Architect who designs elegant, luxury homes for discerning clients in modern and vernacular styles. We are a registered professional firm of architects based in Kuilsriver, South Africa.

"Architect Cape Town" is a site featuring the work of residential architect Beverley Hui as well as photos and commentary on the works of other modern architects. Our company has focused on residential buildings in Cape Town in the last 10 years, and we endeavour to design beautiful, spacious and unique buildings, whether they be luxury homes, guest houses or hotels. The work of Beverley Hui has focused so far on the following styles: Modern, French, Colonial, classical Cape Dutch and Modern Cape Dutch, also known as Cape Vernacular architecture. Beverley Hui has a passion for the correct interpretation of architectural styles, and any style you desire, will be a creative mandate for her to explore.


As a "Cape Town Architect", our focus is on upmarket estates in Stellenbosch, Somerset West and Paarl, however we have a flexible service structure to submit house plans throughout South Africa. The Cape, is a region rich in inspirational buildings by historical architects, as well as newly-built masterpieces by cutting-edge modern architects and this influence reflects in our designs. We are able to apprectiate and execute whichever architectural style appeals to you most, in a unique and tasteful design. As professional architects we endeavor to understand your own taste, aspirations and intentions for your home, to provide you with a truly customised design.Beverley Hui Architects strives for a balance of both functionality and flair in every aspect of the planning and execution of the home. Where necessary we partner with recommended engineers, project managers, and interior designers, and other experts to give you the best possible result. Our architects services include design of the home, as well as obtaining approval for architect's house plans. We are available during construction of the house on a consultation basis. While specializing in modern house plans we have also designed plans for commercial buildings, guest houses and boutique hotels. hotels, ware-houses and have a passion for hospitality architecture in South Africa.


With the architects company offices based in Kuilsriver near Stellenbosch, we have completed architects house plans in Somerset West, Franschhoek, Paarl, and other Cape Town areas.We have also undertaken design of architects plans for homes and hotels in Gauteng province, with a view to expanding our reach throughout South Africa. Having a personal love forCape Dutch architecture we have completed a number of buildings in what may be regarded as a "modern Cape Dutch style Architecture". This style, also termed "Cape Vernacular" is fast gaining popularity, but is still very much endemic to the Cape. We have recently completed a commission as architectsfor a very contemporary and "green" home on a Cape Town Wine Farm just outside of Stellenbosch. (See House Vosloo under "Modern"). For a quotation and more information on how we can be involved in the design of your new home, please see our "fees" page, and do not hesitate to contact the architect.We are centrally located to Stellenbosch, Paarl, Somerset West, and the Peninsula of Cape Town, South Africa


Our architects speciality is designing residential architecture, especially where a touch of fantasy is involved, such as modern hotels, leisure resorts, guest-houses and contemporary homes. The outdoor spaces such as swimming pools, decks and landscaping are enthusiastically designed as a part of the architectural whole. Whether you are looking to build a safari lodge, modern house, or luxury hotel, we have the expertise and imagination you are looking to find in an architect. We design Modern House Plans for Blaauwberg Strand, Camps Bay, Clifton, Bantry Bay, Strand, Paarl, Stellenbosch, Franschhoek and Somerset West, Cape Town, South Africa.

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Architect Services Cape Town:

  • Unique design of your home by Beverley Hui Architect Design of homes.
  • Architects 3d perspectives to visualise the home.
  • Obtaining approval for house plans in South Africa.
  • Completion of lighting layouts, door and window schedules, specifications, roof plans and other plans layouts for constrution.
  • Architectural services during construction: Site meetings and Details drawings, available on an hourly basis. See our page on Architect Services Cape Town.
  • Green Architecture: We provide the necessary calculations for the new requirements for energy efficiency in buildings, as well as other recommendations for green building practice. Note that specialists will be called in where required.

  • Architectural Styles Available:

  • Cape Vernacular home style.
  • Modern style Architecture.
  • Cape Dutch architecture style endemic to South Africa
  • Modern Cape Dutch House style
  • Colonial style homes
  • Contemporary Architecture
  • French style Architecture Designs
  • African Safari lodge style - thatch
  • Bali style
  • Registered Architects:

    Beverley Hui Architects:.
  • Registered with the South African Council for the Architecturalprofession .
  • Registered with the South African Institute of Architects.
  • Beverley Hui, obtained her Bachelor of Architecture degree Cum Laude (2002) at Pretoria University, South Africa. This degree was later declared equivalent to a Masters Degree.
  • Beverley Hui, was registered as a Professional Architect in 2006, South Africa.


    Architects Cape Town

    Western Cape:
  • Cape Town and surrounding Suburbs, including Constantia and Blaauwburg Strand.
  • Stellenbosch Winelands, including Paarl, Stellenbosch and Franschhoek.
  • Cape Atlantic seaboard, including Camps Bay, Bantry Bay, Clifton and Hout Bay
  • Somerset West and Strand.
  • Kuilsriver, Muizenburg and the rest of the Peninsula
  • Cape Peninsula
  • Cape Town Golf and Country Estates, including Val de Vie, Hageland Estate, Longland Estate & Pearl Valley
  • Approved house plans throughout Western Cape
  • Approved house plans throughout South Africa
  • Sketch Plans for House Plans throughout Africa
  • Sketch Plans for international House Plans

  • Architects South Africa

    "Architect Cape Town", has produced many Cape Architects plans for Val de Vie In Paarl, De Zalze between Stellenbosch and Somerset West, LandenZeezicht Somerset West and Welgevonden Stellenbosch, South Africa. We are currently the architect on site for a house in Devon Valley, on a wine farm in Stellebosch. Architectural plans have been approved in Joburg, Gauteng South Africa in the Lakeside area. Althought based in Cape Town, we can design architects plans for anywhere in South Africa, and have the architects plans approved according to South African National building regulations.

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    Cape Dutch Architecture is endemic to the Cape winelands area of South Africa. The white, central Gables are the hall-mark of the style, which are usually set against thatch roofs and plastered with white walls. This gives the Cape Dutch house it's unique charm, especially as it is often surrounded by low "werf" walls, outbuildings, cellars, bell towers and beautiful rose gardens. The Cape Dutch house plans are very are simple but unique, typically taking on the H-plan, or U-plan shape, which is well suited to protections from winds in the Cape climate. See our architects partner site: Cape Dutch Style for more information of the Cape Dutch building style and house plans, in the following areas: Stellenbosch, Paarl, Franschhoek and Somerset West.


    This site features information on for sale in Stellenbosch South Africa, including stunning wine farms for sale in Franschhoek and surrounds. Once you have purchased your farm for sale, we would be delighted to design a home and submit architect's house plans on your behalf. Visit Cape farms for sale today. For luxury lifestyle farms and plots. These are all top investment properties in Cape Town. These sites list farms for sale in South Africa, as well as agricultural real estate for sale.


    Look no further in your surch to find franschhoek architects, stellenbosch architects or somerset west architects. Our site also features inspirational work by other western cape architects, such as architects workingin Camps Bay, Bantry Bay, Clifton and the rest of the Peninsula.


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